Dave’s Plan

Getting Colorado back to work doesn’t need to be complicated. That’s why I maintain my 5-point plan to keep things moving:Young&Gov

1. INVEST: By supporting the HIRE Colorado Plan, we have given local businesses first crack at state contracts, so our tax dollars create jobs right here in Colorado. Not in India. Not in China. This is a common sense idea to strengthen Colorado’s economy in a simple, common sense way.

2. INNOVATE: By passing my Ag Innovation bill, we will ensure that jobs created by new
technologies from our public universities’ research will be created here in Colorado–not out of state and not overseas. That way we can invest with confidence in our universities and colleges, because we know the benefits pay-off right here at home.

3. SUPPORT: I will continue to work for the ability of small businesses and start-ups to get access to loans and create local jobs.

4. EDUCATE: I will continue to work for more science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses in our classrooms that will help prepare our children to compete in the global economy.  I’m also working to ensure our schools are accountable by helping to craft common-sense measures that really help us know if students are learning.

5. COOPERATE: We need real leadership that solves problems by working to find common sense solutions for Colorado’s economy. As the member of the Joint Budget Committee, I fought for progressive values while seeking compromises with the GOP-controlled Senate in order to pass a balanced budget that provides critical services for the people of Colorado. I also worked hard to pass bi-partisan legislation to reform services for at-risk Coloradans.

Does it seem like I’m forgetting something? Got a good idea? Well, let me know! I want to hear from you!