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I’m Here to Serve You

I recently announced my campaign for Colorado State Treasurer.  As a Greeley resident and teacher, I know the challenges Colorado families face. Our state is growing rapidly. But not everyone is sharing in our state’s prosperity. Places like Greeley and rural Colorado where I come from continue to struggle. I am running for Treasurer because I believe we need to put Colorado on better financial footing, where prosperity from our growth is shared.

For more information about my campaign for State Treasurer, please visit

Since July 2011, it has been an honor to continue to serve you as the State Representative of Colorado House District 50.

As a Colorado native, I can tell you Coloradans are tired of partisan gridlock, and most of us know neither party has a monopoly on good ideas. I am proud of my record of working across the aisle to reach a consensus, and always putting the state of Colorado ahead of party or ideology.

Teaching Junior High for 23 years in Greeley is only part of my life-long career in education. As just about anyone can tell you, teaching 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds, requires a person to develop patience and commonsense, and those are values I bring to the job of getting Colorado back on the right track.

Although originally I was a math teacher, with additional training, I took on additional roles teaching technology and websites, and was fortunate to see some of my students use the skills I taught to start businesses of their own. Some of them were making more money on the side while still in high school than I made as a full time teacher! I also saw that additional training open new avenues in my own career, so I have experienced first-hand how much opportunity there can be if we are investing well in education.

I am incredibly grateful for your support, so that together we can build a stronger Colorado.

I like to say that a lot of my best ideas aren’t my ideas at all. For example, I passed a bill to ensure active military and Veterans don’t have to pay $15 extra, just to get their service branch identifier printed on their driver’s licenses or state IDs. I think that’s just plain fairness—there’s no reason our veterans should pay more than the rest of us—but I owe the idea to a Greeley veteran who called me up. If you have an idea, or even just a question or concern, please don’t hesitate—I want to hear from you!